Hello! Welcome! Stay for a bit? Here's where I'm posting my writings. Let me warn you: they're not great. They're fun to write though.

Old Man and his Patio

The old man sits alone on his patio. On a patio that is old, rickety, and bland, but is also familiar and comfortable. The old man sits there all day, every day, with few interruptions. Sometimes the neighbors walk by, laughing and chatting jovially with one another, taking no notice of the pale, greying man that sits on the patio. He watches them, of course. They epitomize the old man’s deepest, most unattainable wish: company. He stopped having company over ages ago. He saw no reason to keep friends and family around when they’d just wilt alongside him. Though he misses them, he knows it’s for the best. He would never stop greying, becoming paler, losing that color, that joy. Would never stop dragging them down until they were just as trapped as he was. So now he just sits and waits. Waits for the day that his breaths become so slow that they cease. Waits for the day that his blood stops pumping all together. Waits for the day that he finally dies. Until that day, the old man will sit on the even older but not quite as fragile patio, watching what life could’ve been walk by.


Two figures. That’s what I see. One is small and huddled, while the other is large and intimidating. Despite this juxtaposition, it is the large and intimidating one that cowers as the smaller figure watches it. It does nothing but speak to the cowering figure in a hush voice. I cannot hear what it says, but I have to assume it’s unbearable by the way the larger of the two claws at its ears and whimpers. The strange thing is, both of these figures seem to resemble me in shape. Even the cowering one’s whines sound remarkably similar to my own. I’m not sure what to make of this, but I stare on anyway. As I continue to watch this interaction with a numb sort of feeling resonating over my body, the larger figure seems to dim somewhat. It was oh so bright in the beginning. I could see its features despite the distance. Now, it’s almost as shadowed as the huddled figure. And it only gets darker as times passes. The entire room becomes darker, becoming so dark that I can now only see the silhouettes of the figures in front of me. And during all of this, not for a single moment have I felt anything. But numb.